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We welcome you to two charming home located in the heart of the imperial triangle, architectural style district instilled by German Kaiser Wilhelm II during the annexation of Alsace-Moselle in the late 19th century.
Originally called “Neue Stadt” (literally “new town” ), this sector is composed of buildings carved in stone of Jaumont, the regional stone.
This sector is one of the two most complete examples and best preserved of the German Second Reich town planning.


We wear the label Lodgings of France in its Premium classification.

City Break Premium

The appartments

Each apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, a Salon, a kitchen, a bathroom and a separate toilet, it and can accommodate 5 people.

Discover Austrasie du ponant.
Discover Austrasie du levant.


Both apartments are interconnected by a system of double soundproof doors, ideal for big families, see the offer Austrasie combiné.