Ballads and relaxation

The Plan d’eau and the canal

Located in the heart of the city, the " Plan d’eau" is a huge garden planted around a water area.
Could qualify it as "Central Park" of Metz.
Enjoy in for a bucolic stroll along the adjacent canal.

The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden has a surface area of 4 ha, it is landscaped style or 'english style': very natural, undulating, adorned with pieces of water, and planted with trees.
In the rose garden and the greenhouses, the layout of the aisles in "french style" is regular and symmetrical.
The Botanical Garden of Metz is part of the gardens without limits cross-border network which includes approximately 20 gardens to visit between the Moselle, the Saar (Germany) and the Luxembourg.

Park of wolf’s footstep (Parc du pas du loup)

Located on 20 acres and offering more than 2 km of walks, the Park of wolf’s footstep is rich of spontaneous vegetation varied and flowery (blackthorn, rosehips, willow, maple, etc.) and abounds in wild birds of all species.