The Arsenal

Built in the grounds of a former military building, the first quality of theArsenal in Metz is to be designed for the sake of acoustic perfection, the Hall is exclusively dedicated to musical activities.
Its 10,000 square metres have seen through exhibitions and performances of great contemporary artists representing various artistic genres: Symphonic, baroque music, jazz, music, new, lyrical, dance, etc…

The Trinitarians

The Trinitarians in Metz, is a set of cultural spaces: cellar, Chapel, cloister, small theatre and places of exhibitions located on the Holy Cross Hill just steps from the Cathedral.
Trinitarians today welcome a large number of events intended for the promotion of contemporary music but also shows, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, literary

The music box

The music box (Boite à Musique – BAM), current music room inaugurated in 2014, is the work of the architect Rudy Ricciotti.
With its concrete shell white smooth and bright, its vegetated roofs and facade dotted with a myriad of random holes, the BAM is animated the day by a set of transparency and the night by lighting of colours changing tones.
This building offers 1200 concert tickets in the renovated district of Blount.

The opera-theatre

The opera-theatre of Metz is situated between two branches of the river Moselle, housed in a set of the 18th century historical monument, is one of the oldest theatres in France that program about 60 performances each year.
The opera-theatre of Metz offers each season an eclectic programme combining operas, operettas, ballets, recitals and plays.
In this small Italian theatre, artists and spectators are intimate and warm, climate for which work permanently more than 90 people.
It is also one of the last to have its own workshops where to create costumes and decorations.